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FINRA Sponsorship-

As a FINRA member firm, Burch & Company regularly receives calls from experienced advisors interested in obtaining a FINRA license which requires sponsorship.  Many of these professionals have an idea of which particular license that they would like to be sponsored for based on their work focus.  As the licensing landscape has changed over the years, advisors may not fully understand which license may be the required given their different lines of business.  FINRA has posted a comprehensive list of the different qualification exams.  You can find that list at

Prior to sponsorship, Burch & Company conducts an extensive vetting of the advisor so that we have a full understanding of their business model and experience.  The broker-dealer/advisor relationship is a partnership that is hopefully maintained for many years and so it is important to know that we would be a good fit for each other’s needs.  While there are many exams for which Burch & Company offers sponsorship to individuals, there are some that we see regularly:

Series 79 Sponsorship- Investment Banking Representative Exam (IB)

Covered activities include advising on and/or facilitating the following:

  • Debt and equity offerings (private placement or public offering)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tender offers
  • Financial restructurings
  • Asset sales
  • Divestitures or other corporate reorganizations
  • Business combination transactions

Series 7 Exam Sponsorship- General Securities Representative Exam (GS)

A candidate who passes the Series 7 exam is qualified for the solicitation, purchase and/or sale of all securities products, including corporate securities, municipal fund securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products and variable contracts.

Covered activities and products include:

  • Public offerings and/or private placements of corporate securities (stocks and bonds)
  • Rights
  • Warrants
  • Mutual funds
  • Money market funds
  • Unit investment trusts (UITs)
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Options on mortgage-backed securities
  • Government securities
  • Repos and certificates of accrual on government securities
  • Direct participation programs
  • Securities traders
  • Venture capital
  • Sale of municipal securities
  • Hedge funds

Series 62 Sponsorship- Corporate Securities Representative Exam (CS)

Covered activities and products include the solicitation and sale of the following.

  • Corporate securities (stocks and bonds)
  • Rights
  • Warrants
  • Closed-end funds
  • Money-market funds
  • Repos and certificates of accrual on corporate securities
  • REITs
  • Asset-backed securities (ABS)
  • Mortgage-backed securities (MBS)
  • Securities traders
  • Corporate financing
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETF)

Series 82 Sponsorship- Private Securities Offerings Representative Exam (PR)

Covered activities and products include the solicitation and sale of private placement securities as part of a primary offering.

Give us a call at 816.842.4660 to discuss which license(s) may fit your anticipated activities and to learn if we may be a good partner for your business.

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